AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Training Course From ORIGINTERN

Aws Solution Architecture is designed logically to assist you gain in-depth understandings with best practices delivered by extremely high qualified, certified, and accredited trainers. The curriculum is utterly aligned with clear understandings of its principles and serves such as VPN, IAM, EC2, EBS and you’ll be able to learn the easy concept of designing and implementation.

Key Features

  • 4 days weekend classroom training or 30 hours on-line training course.
  • Practical sessions throughout the training.
  • Course curriculum is accordance with the most recent test proclaimed by AWS.
  • Accredited and certified trainer with 10+ years of experienced.
  • Soft copy of AWS study guide for free of cost.

Course Outline

  • History and evolution of AWS.
  • Navigation of AWS management console.
  • AWS core infrastructure and services.
  • AWS Services
  • Regions and Edge Location
  • Availability Zones
  • Achieving High Availability Using Multi-AZ
  • Shared Responsibility
  • Physical Security
  • Credits Weightage (Topic Wise)
  • SSL End Point
  • Instance Firewalls
  • IAM& VPC
  • Amazon EBS & its life cycle
  • EBS facts & its valuation
  • Create an Amazon S3 Bucket and manage associated Objects
  • S3 Concepts&S3 Objects
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Amazon S3 valuation& its S3 Facts
  • Amazon EBS and Amazon S3
  • Amazon Glacier
  • AWS Storage Gateway
  • Gateway-Cached Volume design
  • Import and Export
  • Amazon Cloud Front
  •   Identify the different AWS compute and Networking choices
  •   Amazon VPC
  •   Instance Creations
  •   Amazon EC2 facts
  •   Choosing the Right Amazon EC2 instance
  •   Ami creations
  •   Amazon EC2 facts and its Resources options
  •   Choosing the right Amazon EC2 instance and its buying choices
  • EC2-Classixs and EC2 VPC
  • Security Groups
  • Network Access control Lists
  • Amazon VPC
  • Amazon Direct connect & Route 53
  • Elastic Load balancing
  •    Amazon Relational Database Services and VPC
  •    Amazon Dynamo DB and RDS
  •    Database consideration
  •    Amazon Elastic cache and its facts
  •    Amazon Redshift and its facts
  • AWS Identity and Access Management
  • AWS Cloudwatch & Cloud information
  • AWS Elastic Beans Stalk
  • AWS Ops Works
  •  Amazon Cognito and Mobile Analytics
  •  Amazon Simple Notifications and Work Space
  •  AWS Data Pipeline
  •  Amazon Elastic Map Reduce and Kinesis
  • Amazon Cloud Search
  • Amazon Simple Email and Unique Service
  • Amazon Simple Workflow
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